Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Linux Journal Readers Choice Awards

Well the votes are in and Groovy didn't get enough votes to get mentioned in the Linux Journal's Readers Choice awards.  The winner for favorite programming language was Python and favorite scripting language was bash (go figure :)  But I know that many Groovy users registered their votes in the "other" category so I wouldn't be surprised if next year we're at least on the list.  In fact as evidence that a write in one year can do well the following year, I am thrilled to announce that Contegix won the Readers Choice Award for Favorite Linux Friendly Web Hosting Company!  A quote from the article: "Talk about a meteoric rise, Contegix went from one write-in vote in 2008 to champion of the Favorite Linux-Friendly Web Hosting Company category in 2009."   

Since I have only been working for Contegix since last October, I don't feel like I can take any credit for this big win, but I am still thrilled because I can see how much they deserved it.  I have never worked with a more dedicated and sharp team of technologists.  It is an honor to be among them and I hope I can do my part to help win this award again next year.

But back to Groovy, the key point here is that last year Contegix was just a write in!  This year Groovy was just a write in...  Just wait till next year!   In the meantime, thank you to all you who voted for Groovy and for Contegix!

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