Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BGG takes top honors at CapJug Meeting!

Last week at the August meeting of the Capital Java User Group, we had several excellent books to give away. Apress had sent us a copy of Beginning Groovy and Grails: From Novice to Professional, which Shawn Hartsock has dubbed "BGG". The Pragmatic Programmers sent us several of their recent titles (special thanks to Jared Richardson, author of one of my favorites: Ship It!) and we had one left from an earlier supply from O'Reilly.

When we have this many books to give out we like to treat it like a poll. So, I'll describe each of the books and then start drawing names. Each winner can take their pick from the books remaining. I am happy to announce that Beginning Groovy and Grails was the first pick! Congratulations to Christopher, Joseph and James! The CapJug pick of the months is quite an honor. We still have another copy to give away next month so we'll see if they can hold the record for a second month.

It is great to see the growing interest and excitement in Groovy and Grails at our Java User Group and I know that ours is not unique. Java User Groups all over the world are beginning to embrace the next generation of Java!

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Jim Shingler said...

Wow, I am glad to hear the BGG took top honors. We (the authors) are excited by how well the book has been received.

Thanks for the GREAT NEWS!!!