Monday, December 12, 2011

Grails: A Quick-Start Guide is back

No, there isn’t a second edition (yet). But some may have noticed that the ebook of Grails: A Quick-Start Guide (or GQuick) was no longer available on The Pragmatic Programmers’ site. The thought was that it was becoming obsolete. But after several requests from developers who are still getting started with the Grails 1.x framework, the publisher decided to make it available for a while longer.

Once Grails 2.0 is out and beginning to be widely adopted, GQuick will probably be retired. But for now, it remains one of the best options for developers wanting to quickly take advantage of the powerful Grails framework.

The publisher is no longer printing copies of GQuick, but if you really want a copy of the dead-tree edition, you can find one on (The price seems to be climbing, though. Currently, new copies are going for $54.39, and used copies for $48.85.)

For those who have asked, I am working on a Grails 2 intro book (publisher to be determined). Stay tuned.

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Cellane said...

So glad to hear you're working on the Grail 2.0 book! I've mailed Pragmatic Programmers few days ago to ask if they plan to release an updated version, and they told me they don't have such plans as of yet. May I ask if you have chosen different publisher this time or PragProg just gave me wrong info by accident?