Monday, August 3, 2009

Grails: The Official Web Framework for

In the August issue of GroovyMag, guest plugin-corner columnist Keith Cochran covers the new Clojure plugin by Jeff Brown. This plugin allows you to include Clojure source code in src/clj and then access that code in your Grails application. More details on the Clojure plugin can be found at

A while back Vaclav Pech came out with a similar Grails plugin for Scala. This one hasn't been covered in GroovyMag... yet. Anyhow, you can find out more about this plugin at

So now in a Grails application you can have Groovy code (all over the place), Scala code in src/scala, and Clojure code in src/clj. That's pretty impressive! As I was marveling at these recent developments, I realized that Grails now supports 3 out of the four languages covered in Stu Halloway's paradigm-shifting blog series on (Groovy, Scala and Clojure - no JRuby... yet).

So unless something else comes along that as easily supports all four, I think we can safely call Grails the "Official Web Framework for".

P.S. Lest I forget, Griffon (the official Swing MVC framework for has quickly followed suit on supporting these languages. See Andres Almiray's blog for juicy details.

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Anonymous said...

I love grails!
Just for stuff like this, and just the tons of plugins that it has.
I just hope that it can get faster (groovy performance upgrade) :P