Sunday, March 1, 2009

Must See Lizard Brain Web Design

It's the morning of the last day of the first NFJS of 2009 and as I wait for things to get hopping, I had to mention that if you get a chance at a NoFluff event or elsewhere, you've got to see Scott Davis' talk titled Lizard Brain Web Design. If you are involved in web development this session will give you some great insight and ideas as to how to make your users happy that they went to your site. If you're not involved in web development, go see it anyway cause it's just plain fun!

Scott also gave a new talk called Dim Sum Grails. This was about as thorough a trip through Grails land as you could possibly fit into 90 minutes.

Brian Goetz, who I've heard has to bring an extra suitcase to carry his brains, gave a very helpful talk on Java Concurrency. He gave so many tips that it would be difficult to not pickup a few nuggets you can use right away. While Brian is not quite as dynamic a speaker as Scott, he is a good teacher and is able to get complex ideas across to the audience.

The day was capped off with the BOFs. I went to the JVM languages BOF and it was interesting but not quite as lively as they had been in the past. The discussion turned more towards functional languages and they just don't seem to get people quite as excited as dynamic languages. That or maybe we were all just to brain-full to get excited about anything.

Anyhow, it's been great so far and there's one more day to go. Today we'll hear more from Brian Goetz and Neal Ford, and Venkat Subramaniam, along with Stu Halloway. Good stuff in Milwaukee - stay up to date with the NoFluff news on Twitter. Search for #nfjs


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