Tuesday, November 11, 2008


With the big news today in the 2G community, this important tidbit might be left behind, but if you're watching the Grails Jira, and who isn't doing that?,  then you will have seen that Marcel Overdijk's Uber-Generate-All script will be included in Grails 1.04 due out later this week! (See GRAILS-2946)

Now, on a new Grails project, after creating a bunch of domain classes, maybe fiddling around with constraints and such with the scaffolding turned on, and generally getting things the way you want them, you can just give this command: grails generate-all "*" and all your controllers and views will be generated in one fell swoop!  How cool is that?  

This can be a timesaver in any project but it is really slick when giving demos of Grails, which is something we should all be doing more of  :)

So, in case this news doesn't make as big a splash in the 2G Community as the SpringSource acquisition, I just want to say "Thanks!" and "Good Job!" to Marcel for coming up with this idea and to Peter Ledbrook for getting it into Grails.  These guys are both Groovy Award winners and here's one more reason why!


Marcel Overdijk said...

You really think the SpringSource/G2One acquisition news is more important then the uber-generate-all? Just kidding ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to convince SpringSource to announce your uber-generate-all on their press release page, but they seem preoccupied.

Anonymous said...

very usefull. thanks