Friday, November 21, 2008

Chicago NFJS Day One

The Great Lakes Software Symposium just started.  I am sitting in Scott Davis' Groovy the Blue Pill talk.  I've heard it before but it's still good.  Scott's one of those guys who's just plain fun to listen to.   Also speaking today are Neal Ford, Mark Richards, Nathaniel Schutta, Jared Richardson and Alex Miller.  If only I could split myself into six parts.  I will try to mix it up a bit this time and see some of the sessions I haven't been to before.  We'll see.

Tonight's keynote should be good.  Neal Ford will be presenting his "Ancient Philosophers and Blowhard Jamborees"  

It's great to see several CapJug regulars here as well as many others from Madison.   We here in the northern Mid-West have the privilege of having the first NFJS (Milwaukee) and the last (Chicago) each year.  Although there are rumors that next year the tour will end in Colorado.  I may have to write my congressman about that one!

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