Monday, April 14, 2008

NoFluffJustStuff JUG Events

I was just at and I noticed this impressive list of Java User Group events coming up:

Apr. 15 - Omaha, NE - Eclipse Plugin Development at OJUG - Omaha Java Users Group
Apr. 21 - Durham, NC - Groovin Builds Gant Get Any Easier at Triangle Java Users Group
Apr. 24 - New York, NY - Give It a REST at New York Java Sig
Apr. 30 - Houston, TX - Design Patterns in Dynamic Languages at Houston Java Users Group
May. 14 - Dallas, TX - 10 Ways to Improve Your Code at JavaMUG
May. 15 - Salt Lake City, UT - Thorough Introduction to Groovy at Utah Java Users Group
Jun. 11 - Calgary, AB - Core Groovy at Calgary Java Users Group
Jun. 11 - Dallas, Texas - Grails - Agile Web 2.0 The Easy Way at JavaMUG

As the leader of a JUG (Capital Java User Group - Madison, WI) I appreciate all the support that the folks at NoFluffJustStuff provide to the Java community. As a Groovy / Grails developer, I also appreciate the way that they are helping to usher in the next generation of Java!

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